Multifunctional Sports Tremor Fitness Elastic Training Fat Burning Fat Rejection Bar, Can Be Used at Home for Physical Exercise, Yoga, Fitness and Other Resistance Exercises


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  • Magical Fitness Bar—-In the process of using the vibrating rod to exercise, the rod will produce a specific amplitude, so that the deep trunk muscles, abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles and the core muscles of the back are in a tight state and continue to be stimulated by the amplitude. To promote muscle growth and enhance the body’s metabolism.
  • Multifunctional Fitness Bar—Our fitness bar has a special elastic structure, which acts on the deep muscles of our body with a frequency of up to 8hz, and it shakes at a high frequency, so that all the muscles of your whole body are shaken in a short time. Achieve the best fat burning heart rate and achieve the effect of fat burning and fat reduction.
  • Almost impossible to last for 30s—Because our fat-removing stick vibrates very quickly. If you want to keep up with its frequency, you have to use your whole body muscles to vibrate together. Therefore, when using it, pay attention to controlling the intensity of shaking, protect yourself, and exercise moderately!
  • High-quality Materials—our fat burning bar uses high-strength fiberglass and soft silicone grips, which can ensure that the fitness bar will not break at high frequency vibration, and the grip will be comfortable and not slippery.
  • Applicable Crowd: Suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all ages, gymnasiums, family sports, and can be used as gifts for family and friends. It is recommended that children and women use non-detachable sticks, while men are recommended to use detachable sticks. The total length of the stick is 160 cm. A must-have for fitness, you will love it!


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